About the Program 

The NHS yearbook is a student-run publication that tells the story of the school year in words and pictures. It’s a history book and a memory book, but it is also a journalism laboratory that encourages students to learn through hands-on experience. 

Students plan, design, write, edit, and take pictures during the production of the yearbook with the goal of including everyone in the school. Yearbook staff members work during the school day, after school, and weekends to make the yearbook a reality. 

Through involvement in yearbook, students learn valuable life skills, including collaboration, time-management, and critical thinking. 

Active Members 

  • Jacquelin Cortez – Senior 

  • Zoey Gwin – Junior 

  • Lina Hoang – Senior 

  • Sandy Huynh – Senior  

  • Fatima Jiminez – Senior 

  • Chloe Koop – Senior 

  • Taylor Lawrence – Senior 

  • Phi Le – Senior 

  • Madison Longstaff – Sophomore  

  • Madison Lussier – Senior 

  • Truc Christine Ly – Senior 

  • Anna Maas – Junior 

  • Gwenyth Patterson – Junior  

  • Alicia Sanchez – Senior 

  • Piper Sandage – Sophomore  

  • Annabelle VanSloten – Junior  

  • Tori Wilson – Junior  

Meet the Advisor 

Students in Action

NHS Yearbook Staff Picture 2019-2020