Team Values 

North High football follows these values: 

  • Develop student/athletes who are committed to personal excellence and team success. 

  • Emphasize the importance and development of fundamentals and techniques necessary for positive experiences in football and in life. 

  • Team is first, no individual is greater than the cause. 

  • Winning comes after hard work, commitment, trust, and accountability. 

  • Success based not on talent or ability, but a non-negotiable work ethic. 

  • Create a consistently exciting and entertaining program that generates huge levels of support, pride, and tradition for all in our community to share. 

  • Fun will prevail to all, because there will be an absence of special privileges for any individual. 

  • North football will know that “we will get as our work and efforts deserve.” 

  • We will get better every day in the classroom, community, weight room, and on the field. 

Members of the North High football team develop these lifelong skills: 

  • Discipline 

  • Time Management 

  • Work Ethic 

  • Dedication 

  • Leadership  

  • Perseverance 

  • Lifetime Friendships 

  • Physical Wellness