About the Program

The Silver Cord Program is a service program available to all North High students. To qualify for this award, students must volunteer a minimum of 40 hours of service during their sophomore, junior, and senior year, for a total of at least 120 hours. Silver Cord of Service Award recipients will have the distinct honor of wearing a silver cord during their graduation ceremony. 

This is a self-directed program. Students are responsible for turning in all of their hours. 

A School Committed to Community Service The purpose of the North High Silver Cord Program is to instill the importance of community service within North High students. The Silver Cord Program encourages students to be accountable for investing in their own education and in their community on a regular basis during high school.


Service Matters!

Here’s How Students Can Get Started:

  • The Silver Cord Program begins on the first day of a student’s sophomore year and concludes by graduation day of their senior year. 

  • Students should consider completing activities or working with organizations that interest them. 

  • Silver Cord hours must meet a clearly defined need for an agency, charity program, church, political agency, social service, group, or community event. If there is an activity in question, you should have it pre-approved by the Silver Cord Coordinator at North High. The approved service hours must be completed for “non-pay.” 

  • Students should always contact the organization site to schedule and confirm all service activities prior to volunteering. 

  • Students can print the Silver Cord Award Form or pick one up in the main office during the school year. 

  • Hours in question will be reviewed by the North High administrative team. 

Silver Cord Award FAQs