About the Program 

North High School is proud to offer eSports. The North High eSports team is part of the High School eSports League (HSEL), which offers seamless, easy, and rewarding esports competition at schools throughout the world.  

Through involvement in eSports, students are encouraged to focus on teamwork, education, and the benefits of the program. By playing games, students are able to deepen their levels of interaction and communicate more effectively, readying them for life after high school. Through involvement in eSports, students learn valuable technical skills, such as streaming, production, programming, and management. 

The HSEL also offers scholarships to help students pay for college. Some colleges, such as Morningside College, even offer esports programs for students, which creates a viable path to college for those who may never have considered obtaining a degree. (Source: HSEL

Students who are interested in eSports are encouraged to join. 

What makes the NHS eSports team unique? 

In 2019, the NHS eSports club received a $5,000 Great Ideas grant through the Sioux City Public Schools Foundation. This grant allowed the NHS eSports team to purchase five gaming computers. 

Multiple middle school and high school students participate in eSports tournaments held at NHS. In excess of 80 students have participated in these tournaments. 

Students can participate in a field trip to Morningside College to view their eSports facilities. 

Active Members 

  • Davy Tran 

  • Jose Ramirez 

  • Jordon Butler 

  • Jack Coyle 

  • Jett Lanagan 

Meet the Advisor 

Students in Action

Members of the NHS eSports Team Compete on the Computer