About the Program

North High School is proud to offer robotics club.  

Students who possess a strong interest in all thing’s technology—including working with tools, web design, science, photography/videography editing, programming, public speaking, writing, and business—are encouraged to participate in robotics club. Through involvement in robotics club, students learn valuable life skills including problem-solving, visual programming, and perseverance.

Robotics club meets weekly. 

Active Members 

  • Areeha Ilyas 

  • Emma Walz 

  • Carson Loving 

  • Mathew Lohr 

  • Tinh Tran 

  • Reed Adjar 

Meet the Advisor

Chris Engel

Chris Engel

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Mr. Engel is a mathematics instructor at North High and currently the advisor for the STEM and robotics clubs. Mr. Engel’s goal is to encourage his team to try new robotics techniques. Then, if they do not work as planned, he coaches them to revise a design or try a different technique. Mr. Engel is a firm believer that robotics is an excellent way to teach perseverance.