About the Program 

North High School is proud to offer Total Well-Being. Physical fitness is a key piece of all athletic programs at North High, which is why the Total Well-Being program exists today. The goal of the program is to provide innovative physical fitness opportunities for students at North High that are seeking to improve their athletic performance on the field, on the court, on the track, or even in the pool.  

The athletic performance programs offered as part of Total Well-Being are designed to educate and enhance athletic proficiency in any athlete’s chosen sport(s). Programs are also tailored to athlete characteristics such as age, gender, fitness level, and medical history. 

Through involvement in Total Well-Being, students will learn and practice scientific athletic principles and proven training techniques. Doing so can increase many areas of their athletic performance such as quickness, speed, strength, agility, and stamina. They may also practice sport-specific skills such as jumping or throwing, which may reduce the potential for injury, and increase their confidence and motivation. 

Meet the Advisor