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Welcome to North High School!

At North High, teachers and staff come to school every day to make a difference in the community. We believe that there is a better way to educate students and work to ensure that each one is exposed to tasks and instruction that is authentic and meaningful. Students deserve educational experiences that center around high quality learning. Those criteria are construction of knowledgedisciplined inquiry, and value beyond school. We also understand that education and learning is a journey that can look different and feel different for everyone – students, staff, and parents.

North High School is the largest comprehensive high school in Sioux City. Our student population tops 1,500 students and is one of the most diverse populations in the state. Students in our halls speak fifteen different languages and are represented by more than ten Native American Tribes. Students at North High School are also academically successful. North High routinely has students named through the National Merit Scholarship program and has made the Iowa AP Index multiple years.

Numerous activities are also available for our students to participate in each year. From music to athletics, students have a variety of options to find their “niche” in high school. Activity involvement is encouraged and promoted, and our goal is to continue to grow each program and build upon successes.

See why they call us Stars!

We’re Ready to Welcome You!

  • Photo of Chris Koch
    • Chris Koch
    • Activities Director
  • Photo of Angela Conway
    • Angela Conway
    • Assistant Principal
  • Photo of Scott Cole
    • Scott Cole
    • Assistant Principal
  • Photo of Kathy Erickson
    • Kathy Erickson
    • Registrar
  • Photo of Eric Hueschen
    • Eric Hueschen
    • 9th Grade Counselor
  • Photo of Jack Ratzsch
    • Jack Ratzsch
    • 10th Grade Counselor
  • Photo of Erin Cron
    • Erin Cron
    • 11th Grade Counselor
  • Photo of Amanda Cory
    • Amanda Cory
    • 12th Grade Counselor
  • Photo of Lisa Casey
    • Lisa Casey
    • Attendance Specialist
  • Photo of Jennifer Gasaway
    • Jennifer Gasaway
    • Talented & Gifted Specialist | AP Coordinator
  • Photo of Lacy Terrazaz
    • Lacy Terrazaz
    • Principal Secretary
  • Photo of Michelle Stevenson
    • Michelle Stevenson
    • Activities Secretary
  • Photo of Shari Crahan
    • Shari Crahan
    • Counseling Secretary
  • Photo of Kenidi Valladolod
    • Kenidi Valladolod
    • 9th Grade Secretary
  • Photo of Oscar Sanchez
    • Oscar Sanchez
    • Probation Officer
  • Photo of Ryan Moritz
    • Ryan Moritz
    • School Resource Officer

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