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Hunt A+ Arts Elementary School prepares to open new school building

New Hunt A Elementary School Building

After four years at a temporary location, Hunt A+ Arts Elementary School is preparing to open the doors of a brand new building.

At Hunt A+ Arts Elementary School in Sioux City, administrators say the goal is to provide students with a fun and engaging learning environment. Integrating art, music, and dance into the daily curriculum is how it’s done.

“We want our kids to be excited about being here,” said Cami Barker, the Principal at Hunt A+. “So when you’re providing experiences that are fun and entertaining for the students, that increases engagement levels, it increases student attendance, and it makes it fun for the teachers as well.”

This school year, staff will take another step toward fostering that environment by opening their brand new facility on Nebraska Street. The new building is nearly three times larger than the previous one and features several upgrades.

“We’re providing them with a safe place that’s air-conditioned that they can have a creative outlet and just enjoy,” said Barker.

Lockers are included for nearly every student, there’s a black box theatre where students can learn ballet and tap dancing, and an art gallery where they can showcase their work. A new gymnasium has a stage for performances, something the school didn’t previously have.

“The last couple of years we’ve had to rent a venue, so my families weren’t always able to come to those events,” said Barker. “So now, our families are going to be able to come and watch their kids in the musical or different performances.”

In addition to these exciting new facilities, the new Hunt Elementary School building also features aspects of the previous building that help preserve its history.

When you walk through the halls at Hunt, plaster murals depict various historical events, including the Lewis & Clark expedition and the American Revolution. In the main common area, a terracotta banner with the school’s name sits at the top of the back wall. These pieces have been saved and preserved from the previous Hunt school building’s demolition.

“People have said that they were really disappointed when the building came down,” said Barker. “It’s really cool that we’ve preserved these pieces that they’ll be able to come in and see.”

The finishing touches are still being added to the new school, but won’t take too long. The building will open when school starts on Aug. 23.

With Hunt’s new air-conditioned facility, it’s now official: all Sioux City schools have air conditioning.

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