January 1, 2021 Announcements

A Message from our Principal – January 2021

We are registering for 2021-2022 classes!

Yes. You read that correctly. We have moved up our registration process and have begun informing students of classes and programs they have the privilege to attend as Sioux City School students. Counselors started this week to educate students on course options and expectations. They will meet with students in a large group prior to meeting with students individually. A plan for current virtual students will be announced soon. We ask that you also discuss course and career options with your son or daughter. We want to take the opportunity to share some changes and information you should know as a parent:


College Credits – The State of Iowa passed legislation and raised the number of college credits a student can earn to 36 credits per year. Previously, the state only allowed 23 credits, which restricted students from taking some of the courses they would like. All students, grades 9-12, are eligible to earn college credits through Career and Technical Education. Other college courses are available to sophomores identified as Talented and Gifted and to all Juniors and Seniors.

Regional Career Pathways Offered – Students can now take more focused college and career classes at Western Iowa Tech. These courses are for high school students only and transportation is provided to WITCC from each high school. The following areas are available to our students:

  • Administrative Office Management
  • Audio Engineering/Mass Communication
  • Business
  • Cyber Security/Digital Crime
  • Electromechanical Technician
  • Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Industrial Drafting
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Office Support
  • Mobile Game and App Development
  • Nursing (1 Year)
  • Nursing (2 Year)
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Plumbing
  • Welding


  • All students must earn 44 of the right credits. Sometimes students think if they have earned more than 44 credits, they are good to graduate. Within that 44, each student must earn 8 English, 6 math, 6 science, 6 social studies as well as electives. Many of these courses are spelled out for students.
  • When taking college-level courses, there are a few considerations:
  • Colleges will not communicate with parents about a student’s progress. As a school, we have limited access to class information and progress. Student maturity is the biggest indicator of success for college courses.
  • College often follows a different schedule than high school. Students must meet as the college expects them to meet.
  • We build our course schedule, assign teachers, and hire staff based on the information provided through the registration process. We encourage students to commit to their course requests so that we can keep class sizes lower, offer courses that students want, and efficiently manage our resources (time and staff) where they have the greatest impact.